Content Management System

Content is in core part of any web site. Generally it is not just anything; it actually contains information that relating to the organization. Content may be text, graphics, and images, video, audio, documents etc. The most important thing is that it should me meaningful.

Content management system is a set of procedures used to manage the content on the website. These procedures can be computerized or manual. Content Management System (CMS) helps you to publish and gain control of your website, and maintenance of the website becomes easy and can be obtained quickly

These CMS procedures are designed to allow people to share stored data and provide control access to data, based on user authorizations. CMS makes websites look professional and can be easily updated. These procedures are generally used for storage of data, controlling access, revising the content, and document publishing.

Content management system (CMS) manages an organizations documents and content on the web, employee of any company can reuse the information on the website for various applications. The essence of the CMS applications is to grapple content during its lifecycle i.e. from creation of the site through publishing it. The content can be shared by customer relationship management systems (CRM) and e-commerce.


Content Management is done in three phases, they are:

  • Creation of content, which includes acquisition of data
  • Management of content
  • Delivering the content includes publishing
The features of a CMS system are:
  • Basic functionality such as like creation, deletion, editing the content and web page organization.
  • WYSIWYG Editors helps you in adding content to web site.
  • User can interact with the website for giving feedback, enables chat provisions, comments, also ratings and other user interaction tools.
  • Customizing the content as per the needs and requirements. Allows flexibility for retrieving and presenting the data.
Benefits of CMS:
  • Structure of the site can be changed easily.
  • Updating/ editing the content on the site become easy.
  • Document Management helps us in adding/ removing new posts or new content pages easily.
  • Customizing the website by providing extensions like polls, downloads and guest books etc

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