Electronic commerce is online business. All the transactions in eCommerce take place online i.e. over internet. It is generally known as eCommerce or e-commerce. It includes buying and selling of services and products over Internet and other networks. ECommerce is considered as the aspect of e-business, which facilitates business transactions and payments to be done online.

How eCommerce works?

Prior to discussion about e-commerce, it is good to have an idea on commerce first, and then e-commerce can be easily derived from it.

Commerce is, the exchange of services and goods, generally for money. E-commerce sales is also same but with slight difference. To conduct eCommerce following should be there:

  • Products
  • Website to display the products
  • Way to accept orders online, make payment online
  • Provides customer service
  • Website has to be optimized so that it is visible in search engines at top position
  • Any payment gateways such as PayUMoney should be integrated which helps debit/credit card processing right away

Several benefits that you obtain after availing e-commerce services are:

  • The layouts of the eCommerce website will be customized and has a catchy and appealing design.
  • Shopping carts are provided for faster and secure selling and buying of products.
  • The traffic stats are recorded to plan for a successful business strategy.
  • Data can be uploaded and downloaded in exceptional manner.
  • Customer accounts can be managed with ease and accuracy.
  • Payment integration is the cutting edge technology that provides faster, safe and easier transactions.

Ecommerce solutions have become a crucial tool for any organization in order to have absolutely handy online presence and getting well tuned global marketing strategy. We, at Tech Ardour, offer economical Ecommerce solutions with various options. Above all, Tech Ardour offers a wide range of Ecommerce solutions and assist your business to stay ahead in this the fast developing world.

A well-designed ecommerce site developed by Tech Ardour has the following features:

  • Secure and ease of buying process is provided. Transactions are maintained flawlessly.
  • Avail discounts and special offers on the website.
  • Information can be updated/ modified (including images).

Using our team you can authorize your business with our Payment Gateway Solutions, Shopping Cart Solutions and integrating Shipping Process. We are capable of assisting you with all the ecommerce solutions.


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