Offshore Application Development

Offshore development helps the clients to get latest technology upgrades for their existing websites with evolving business needs and processes. Our established offshore development helps companies to achieve cost efficiency, quality, scalability, and delivery of application on time. Offshore Software is stipulation of software development services offered by a third party vendor located in a place that is geographically remote from the client enterprise.

Why companies choose offshore development?

The reason behind the use of offshore software development services is the raise of the development costs of the local service providers.

We deploy, manage and supervise the client project for any software the client requests. We provide content management, web application development services and maintenance, of technical or activity that is critical for your business at offshore anywhere in India.

Our offshore development team works directly under your control in shifts requested by the client, and is available for you on all the time and keeps you informed about the progress of the requested project and provides reports. We manage them on your behalf so that the output is the best possible. Our in-house development team delivers the best services to the client in outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing is presently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps companies to restructure their core functionalities at a significant price. We help companies to venture new business realms. Offshore outsourcing provides the additional advantages like effective cost and quick delivery of projects.

Our offshore development services include customized software development. At Plant Future, we use latest technologies to create and optimize the applications. We convert your IT requirements into reality and create potent solutions that are focused on enhancing your business. At Plant Future, we focus on developing applications using software components that reduce development time and cost.

Our offshore outsourcing services include:
  • Custom application development ( and PHP)
  • Client - Server software development
  • Development and Integration of enterprise applications

Tech Ardour is a leading provider of Offshore Software Development solutions. A ruthless pursuit for developing cost-effective and innovative solutions has been the motivating factor that makes the team exhibit enthusiasm and commitment in developing applications for our customers.


  • We are very happy with the service Tech Ardour. They are contactable seven days a week and their response times are excellent, which keeps our down time to a minimum.

    Mr. Rahul Sharma

  • Tech Ardour is really intuitive. Anyone working for us can begin working almost right away. If they get stuck, they can call, speak to a person and get answers. That's crucial for a business like ours

    Mr. Paul